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Everett Herald "Fame lingers for Bobby's Hawaiian Style Restaurant in Everett."
"Fame hasn't simmered down at Bobby's Hawaiian Style Restaurant in Everett." Full/Original Article

Everett Herald "Bobby Nakiehi wants you to feel good."
"Pay no attention to the gray Pacific Northwest weather outside, or the calorie count in the comfort food that is the specialty at Bobby's Hawaiian Style Restaurant." Full/Original Article

Seattle Post-Intelligencer "The men's vibrating voices wash over the Friday-night crowd like a warm wave. Barefoot women with hibiscus tucked behind an ear do a slow hula to the music, hips and hands describing the rhythms of the sea." Full/Original Article

Seattle Times "Some restaurants are born from an old hunger, a longing for food that transports you to a long ago or far away home, and that's the case with Bobby's Hawaiian-Style restaurant." Full/Original Article

Everett Herald "Once you get off the tourist trails and actually live among Hawaiians, you will find them among the nicest and most accommodating people anywhere... So it is at Bobby's Hawaiian Style Restaurant, where the food of the Islands is prepared and presented with a good deal of authenticity and style. A family restaurant in the true sense..." Full/Original Article